A Lake In The Dark
Oil on board, 30x20cm




Charcoal on paper, 80x60cm


Monkey Puzzle
Pastel on paper, 29x42cm


Early Morning
Pastel on paper, 19x20cm


A Cat Watches a Magpie Eat a Mouse and a Dog Walks Past
Graphite and conte on paper, 42x59cm


Morning Lake,
Oil on board, 20x20cm


A Glowing Patch
Oil on board, 18x20cm


A Lake in Normandy
Conte on paper, 42x59cm


Conte on paper, 59x42cm


Untitled sketchbook page

pastel and watercolour on paper


Planes Over Epping Forest
Charcoal and pastel on paper, 53x60cm


Long Shadows

Conte and graphite on paper, 42x59cm